WHAT are

“Pudding” is a British term for dessert which is usually hot and baked or steamed.

“What’s for pudding Mum?”
Options may included treacle sponge pudding and custard or jam roly poly pudding.


Where to Buy Sticky Toffee Pudding

To Buy Online follow the Link: http://stickytoffeepuddingcompany.com/puddings/


Our products are available at most Whole Foods Markets in the following regions:

South West – Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma
Rocky Mountain – Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico and Utah
North Atlantic – Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island
North East – New York, New Jersey, Connecticut
Northern California
Southern California
Pacific North West
British Columbia and Canada – Seasonally

They are also available at the following locations in the United States and Canada:


Whole Foods Markets
Central Markets
United Markets
Fresh Plus on West Lynn St, Austin
The Whip In, Austin
Costco – Seasonally (Christmas)


Brits USA- Lawrence

New York Area

Gourmet Garage locations
Whole Foods Markets in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut
Morton Williams—select locations
Food Cellars
Wild by Nature, Hampton Bays


Whole Foods Markets in Phoenix, Tucson, Tempe, Chandler, and Scottsdale


Whole Foods Markets in most locations
Andronico’s in San Francisco, Berkeley, and Los Altos
Diablo Foods, Lafayette
Mollie Stones in Burlingame, San Francisco, San Bruno, and Sausalito
New Leaf Markets in Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz
Lunardi’s in San Jose, Belmont, and San Bruno
Berkeley Bowl, Berkeley
Oliver’s Market, San Rosa
Sonoma Market, Sonoma
Falleti Foods, SFO
Village Market, Oakland
Big John’s Market, Healdsburg
O’Brien’s Market, Modesto
Palace Market, Point Reyes
Costco, Bay Area – Seasonally


Whole Foods Market in Reno and Henderson


Market of Choice in Corvallis and Eugene
Barbur World Foods in Portland

Lambs Markets- Portland



Metropolitan Market locations
Whole Foods locations
Costco seasonally, select locations


Whole foods Market locations


Whole Foods Market locations


A Feast on Brilliant- Pittsburgh


Costco seasonally, select locations